:)  Each of our candles is hand poured and crafted 

using an all natural blend of tropical plant oils, fine fragrance oils and metal free wicks.  You can feel confident that our candles are biodegradable, produce no harmful carcinogens and are non toxic – providing you with an environmentally safe candle that will enhance the air quality, mind and spirit of your home.  The pattern on the outside of our candles creates a beautiful crystal lantern when burning.  Our fragrances are tested to ensure that your candle will give you a beautiful aroma sitting on your table as it does when it’s burning. They offer a romantic glow that lasts for hours - a 3.5 inch candle will burn approximately 35 hours, a 4.5 candle 50 hours and a 6.5 inch candle will burn 70 hours.

Enjoy the ultimate in beauty and fragrance. Designed to burn to the edge creating a glow down the middle these gems are clean burning with little or no soot, a unique treasure to be experienced. We make every candle by hand with pure natural palm wax and the highest grade fragrance oil on the market. The beautiful crystallized appearance is a natural occurrence with palm wax and not from any additives.

Hold one of our candles in your hands.  Although the candle is extremely hard, it feels soft, much like peach fuzz.  Now turn it and notice how the light plays off the different patterns formed by the crystallizing.  Compare it to another Colorado Wildflower Candle.  No two are the same; each has its own unique patterns. Our wax naturally crystallizes as it cools but the pattern is determined by various factors: the temperature of the wax as it is poured, the material of the mold, the fragrance and the dye.  All play a part in making each candle from Colorado Wildflower Candles a unique work of art.  When you burn your candle, the pattern will show through the wall, providing another wonderful element to enjoy. www.coloradowildflowercandles.com

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