Candle Benefits


Candle Benefits

The name candle comes from the Latin candere meaning “to shine.”  At Colorado Wildflower Candles shining and illuminating your home and your life is what we are all about.  Each of our candles is hand poured from palm wax.  See our section on “Benefits of Palm Wax.”

Nothing turns a commonplace, ho-hum room into a radiant, inviting setting faster than the flicker of a few ordinary candles scattered strategically throughout the room. Add scented candles and you can quickly evoke childhood memories, transport your imagination to a tropical island,  infuse the room with the crisp scent of a pine forest or remember afterschool cookies and milk with a cookie scent. Our Colorado Wildflower Candles are infused with unique fragrances that our customers repeatedly seek.  It has been shown that certain smells will induce calming and de-stressing effects in people.  We know that our sense of smell is powerful in evoking emotion.  What better way to achieve that than by burning scented candles?

Candles can be incorporated into your home in many forms, from collections of small candles to large pillars in their own decorative holders.  Even when not lit, candles compliment your home’s decor simply because of their color and design.

Our Colorado Wildflower Candles themselves are beautiful pieces of artwork. Whether it is the simple elegance of columns of color or the more elaborate patterns achieved with the cooling of natural waxes. When our candles burn, they produce a shimmering illumination which is completely unique to the candle and they become interesting pieces of art in their own right.

The warmth, coziness and peace in a room illuminated by candles is so relaxing whether it is after a long day, an intimate conversation, while reading a book, remembering friends and loved ones, recreating memories.  A candle touches our sense of smell, sight and our hearts with love and peace.


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